Double duty Furniture Ideas for Overnight Guests

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Many a time friends and families visit us and we need to arrange extra accommodation for our guests who want to stay overnight. Since now-a-days most of us are living in a compact apartment, so arranging extra beds is not always possible. However, this problem can be resolved if you choose your furniture smartly. Now-a-days many furniture stores sell double duty/multifunctional pieces of furniture which can be of great help to the urban hosts. These are of many kinds, among them some are as follows-


Sofa bed

Sofa-bed is a multi-functional furniture which can be a sofa by day and bed by night, thus can be a great piece for your living room. During the day sit on it, watch TV and gossip with your guests and during night it, maybe paired with a sofa-bed mattress, will provide a comfortable sleeping place. Some of these can even transform into a recliner first and then into a bed. This feature is not only great to sit but also great for you or your guests to lie down, perfect for anyone who lives in a small home. These sofa-beds are highly practical and space saving. You should also check if the sofa-bed is made of high density foam as it is very much required for comfortable sleeping experience. Some of these sofa-beds come to you with added pillows so that when you use it as bed, you will have comfortable matching pillows to sleep on.


Another double-duty furniture is recliner which is a seamless combination of comfort and utility. Easy to convert into the sleeping position, these versatile recliner doubles as bed. High quality recliners are made with high-density foam padding and contemporary style which make these recliners perfect for when friends and family stay the night! While buying you should also check if the recliner is paired with soft pillow top double layered arm rest or not as it can provide ultra-comfort. This feature will also ensure both comfort and safety.


Recliner Chair

Almost like a recliner, some furniture stores name their transformer as recliner chair. For example- one of my favourites is Dream Recliner by Melbournians Furniture. Constructed with strong metal frame and heavily padded seat, the recliner will provide maximum comfort and stability. This classy black ultra-cushioned recliner can transform into a full-length chaise. This handy feature lets you pull your feet up and relax. It is also highly suitable to watch TV while sprawling on the chaise section. See for yourself!

So, no more worries about accommodating friends and families who want to stay overnight. Today’s versatile furniture are always there for your rescue. Just choose the right one for you basing on few factors for example the size of your room- there should be enough space for your sofa-bed or recliner when it opens fully. Again, as it is serving you multiple purposes so you should invest in its quality for example high quality leather or durable fabric can be a good option. It will then serve you for long term and your guests will also have a comfortable sleeping experience. Now comes the styling- do not compromise with the style when you dress up the bed for your guests- add handful of colorful and quality pillows, you can even pair your bed with a luxurious sofa bed mattress to impress your guests at the fullest. Now that you are all ready for your guests, so just throw a party, enjoy and be praised by your guests.