A Guide to Choose Functional Bed Side Table in Melbourne

A Guide to Choose Functional Bed Side Table in Melbourne

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Bedside tables, though a small piece of furniture in comparison to other significant furniture of your room like bedframe, tallboy, play an important role to make the room look special. A bedside table is a functional piece where you can keep your alarm clock, photo frame, mobile phone etc. on it and you can also use its drawers as storage space as well. Many stores in Melbourne sell complete bedroom suite. You can buy from them if you do not want to take the hassle of matching all the pieces individually. But if you want to select every piece of furniture separately to add a personal touch in your home, then this article is for you.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a bedside table:

Design:  Design is one of the most vital factor of choosing bedside table. Decide beforehand what type of bedside table you want basing your need, whether you need to hide some of your less used accessories or want to use the table as display shelf. You have to choose a drawer or door type bedside table to fulfill the first requirement but if you want to display some of your staffs then go for the open and plain table. Again, if you have kids at home then you should choose a sturdy table without any glass top, otherwise you can go for any fancy design and less sturdy material.

Height: A functional bedside table should not be too low or too high, otherwise there might be problem in reaching to the staffs on it from your bed. To avoid any mismatch, you can measure the height of your bedframe before going to the store or if you are purchasing online then ask the customer support team about the exact height of your chosen bedside table.

Surface space: You need a bedside table that will fit with your interior style while likewise giving a sufficient surface area to keep small items in it. If you want to keep a table lamp on it for more light or styling, then make sure it is not too big to cover all the space of your bedside table, otherwise you will not be able to other items like mobile phone or wallet when you need to.

Storage: Since most of us are choosing small home, it is important to use every inch of our space functionally. If your bedside table has some drawers or shelf in it then you can keep your everyday usable things organized rather than scattering everything here and there. 

At the last but not the least, it will be wise not to compromise on furniture quality. If you are looking for a reasonable balance of quality and price, then make sure to avail yourself of the opportunity like Australia Day sale, Christmas discount, Season end clearance etc.