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30 Jun / 2018

Discover the Benefits of Wooden Dining Chairs

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The dining room is usually the center of any home and all the family members often gather here to eat and to have chats among them. Therefore, the choice of dining room items should be done by giving preference to the choice of family members and also by the level of durability and comfort it can offer. Wooden dining chairs can be a great option to fulfil these requirements.

So, let’s take a look at the benefits of wooden dining and café chairs.


04 Apr / 2018

Top Coffee Tables in Melbourne

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Your selection of coffee table just like the other furniture of your home will speak about your taste. Here are 5 suggestions of top coffee tables for a beautiful and stylish living room in Melbourne.

17 Mar / 2018

A Guide to Choose Functional Bed Side Table in Melbourne

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Bedside tables, though a small piece of furniture in comparison to other significant furniture of your room like bedframe, tallboy, play an important role to make the room look special. A bedside table is a functional piece where you can keep your alarm clock, photo frame, mobile phone etc. on it and you can also use its drawers as storage space as well. Many stores in Melbourne sell complete bedroom suite. You can buy from them if you do not want to take the hassle of matching all the pieces individually. But if you want to select every piece of furniture separately to add a personal touch in your home, then this article is for you.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a bedside table:

02 Mar / 2018

Double duty Furniture Ideas for Overnight Guests

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Many a time friends and families visit us and we need to arrange extra accommodation for our guests who want to stay overnight. Since now-a-days most of us are living in a compact apartment, so arranging extra beds is not always possible. However, this problem can be resolved if you choose your furniture smartly. Now-a-days many furniture stores sell double duty/multifunctional pieces of furniture which can be of great help to the urban hosts. These are of many kinds, among them some are as follows-


24 Feb / 2018

Decorate your home without breaking your pocket

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Who don’t want to decorate their sweet home? Well, almost all of us want to return in a well and comfortably decorated home after a day’s tiring work. But many of us do not advance as we think it would be very expensive to do so. Now, here is the good news for you- decorating a home tastefully, doesn’t have to be a costly choice always. You can now afford aesthetic furniture for your home if you follow few tips given below-


14 Feb / 2018

What to consider before buying Bed Frames in Melbourne

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Bed is the prominent furniture of any bedroom, that is why it should be chosen smartly. There are some factors which should be considered while you buy a bedframe in Melbourne. If you are buying it online, you should search the right websites with specific details. This will help you find your desired one easily. There are several options to choose from, as a result you might get confused if you are not clear about what you need. Have a look at the following factors to be sure about which type of bedframe you actually need for your bedroom.

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