Atlanta Corner Sofa Genuine Leather Grey Electric Recliner With Storage Drawer

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Atlanta 5 Seater Corner Sofa Genuine Leather Grey Electric Recliner With Console & Storage Drawer

Product Description:

Finest Detailing 
Atlanta sofa is packed with all the premium features. It has Leather on contact surfaces and Matching PVC on the back Upholstery and finest stich detailing to present a classy look. Its thick padded cushions and modern amenities make this sofa a desired one for every sophisticated living room. 

Added Comfort
Atlanta sofa has both ‘Left Arm Facing’ and ‘Right Arm Facing’ recliners with multifunctional switches. These seats can be transformed into a full length chaise with electric function and this feature is available on both sides of the sofa. So, unwind comfortably and enjoy your favourite show!

Adjustable Headrest
All the seats of this sofa has added headrests which can be kept folded when not in use. So, either use it or leave it as it is as per your convenience. 

Modern Features
Straight Console W/USB feature will offer you the convenience to Use Your Cell Phone or Tablet When Relaxing on the sofa. So, no more hassle of getting up to recharge your devices. 

No More Spilt Drinks 
There are two cup holders on the Atlanta sofa. So, no more worries of split drinks! This feature will let you keep your favourite beverage at close reach when you are unwinding on the sofa. 

Storage Drawers
One of the unique features that makes Atlanta sofa distinct from its contemporary is the storage drawers. There are multiple drawers hidden inside the sofa which can be pulled out and pushed in as per your requirement. Keep your favourite magazines and other important things close to you yet hidden from your guests to present a clutter free look of your living room. 

Key Features:

✓ Luxurious Corner Sofa with Modern Amenities
✓ Upholstered in Leather and Matching PVC in Grey Colour
✓ Recliner with Electric Function for an Optimal Seating Position 
✓ No More Worries of Spilt Drinks as Each Seat has 2x Cup Holders
✓ Has Dual USB Outlets to Keep Your Devices Charged While You Relax 
✓ Multiple Storage Drawers
✓ Added Headrests Which can be Kept Folded When Not in Use 
✓ This Large and Luxurious Corner Sofa is Better Suited for Spacious Living Room 
✓ Smart Soft Packaging Ensures Safe Transit 

Product Specifications:

✓ Product Dimension (cm):
          Left Arm Power Recliner: L-109 x W-107 x H-74
          Armless Chair Drawer: L-109 x W-84 x H-74
          Armless Chair: L-109 x W-84 x H-74
          Square Corner Wedge: L-114 x W-114 x H-74
          Straight Console USB Drawer: L-109 x W-33 x H-74
          Right Arm Power Recliner: L-109 x W-107 x H-74
          Seat Height: 48cm
✓ Product Weight: 285kg
✓ Product Weight Capacity: 700kg
✓ Box Dimensions (cm):
          Box 1: L-118.30 x W-114.30 x H-76.20
          Box 2: L-92.90 x W-114.30 x H-76.20
          Box 3: L-128.50 x W-124.50 x H-76.20
          Box 4: L-92.90 x W-114.30 x H-76.20
          Box 5: L-42.10 x W-114.30 x H-76.20
          Box 6: L-118.30 x W-114.30 x H-76.20
✓ Box Weight (kg): Box 1-71, Box 2-31, Box 3-51, Box 4-35, Box 5-20, Box 6-71
✓ Packaging Type: Soft Pack

Images are for illustration purposes only. The colours may slightly vary from actual product.

Foam, webbing and springing are covered by a 2 years warranty.

The electronic and motion components for all recliners are guaranteed against failure due to a manufacturing defect for a period of 2 years. This excludes batteries and transformers that come with a 12 months warranty.

Leather is warranted against tearing and splitting under condition of normal usage for a period of 2 years.

Exclusions to the above Warranty Periods

In the case of leather furniture, natural marks, wrinkling, variation in the grain and colour of the leather are not considered defects. Rather, they are proof the product is upholstered with genuine cowhide.

Normal wear and tear is, of course, excluded from this warranty.

Please note that the following may occur as a result of normal usage:

  • Leathers will fade and crease. This is natural and gives the furniture character.
  • Foam, fillings and suspension will soften over time.
  • Damage caused by spills, dyes or other corrosive materials, ink, paint or bodily fluids.
  • Damage caused by improper cleaning, cuts from sharp objects, burns, general negligence, and exposing the product to the sun or high heat.